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We have 4 different types of memberships namely:Gold Plus(coming soon),Gold, Silver, Bronze

Membership Levels $200 $100 Us dollars

What's the difference between Bronze, Silver, and Gold?
$200 100$


Yearly Membership

  • Bronze Membership
  • Bronze members can do basic member searches.
  • Bronze members can upload and share photos/videos.
  • Bronze members can visit our private apartments but only in Kenya.
  • Bronze membership cards are limited to only paid members in the registered city e.g. (Nakuru members will not use the same cards in Nairobi. BUT they can visit the Nairobi branch.)
  • Bronze members can send invitations to meet with other members only through us and not directly.
  • Bronze membership is yearly membership and thus renewable every year.

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$1250 $625


Lifetime Membership

  • Silver Membership
  • Silver members get all the benefits of Basic membership, plus:

  • Silver members can view all members’ photos/videos.
  • Silver members can contact all other Oasis members.
  • Silver members can do advanced searches in the site.
  • Silver members get listed above all Basic members in all search results.
  • Silver membership is a Lifetime membership.
  • Silver members can invite up to 5 guests without them having to pay for membership.
  • Silver members’ wives/fiancées/mistresses/girlfriends are entitled to some free services e.g. resting room, manicure/pedicure and massage.
  • Silver members pay---No extra fee for the use of the facilities unless otherwise.
  • Silver members pay 30/100 of the normal prize.
  • Silver members have access to all of our branches in Kenya and Africa as a whole.
  • Silver membership is something that you just cannot afford to miss.

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$1500 $750


Lifetime Membership

  • Gold Membership
  • Gold members get VIP access to everything that Oasis has to offer.
  • Gold members get full access to The Gold Room (The net’s largest hardcore porn site).
  • Gold members can view all photos and videos.
  • Gold members are listed above all Bronze and Silver members in all search results.
  • Gold members can do advanced searches in the site.
  • Gold members can upload photos and videos.
  • Gold members can send invitations to meet in person with other members of oasis.
  • Gold members can send friend requests.
  • Gold membership is LIFE membership.
  • Gold members can invite up to 10 friends under their name without them having to pay for membership and they still enjoy the same kind of treatment/facilities.
  • Gold members have access to all our branches Countrywide & worldwide e.g. Dubai & UK too.
  • Gold members’ wives, fiancées, Mistresses/girlfriends are entitled to free gifts and use of our facilities.
  • Gold members get free strip shows/arranged bachelor party, couples parties, hen night parties and many other benefits which we keep secret for Gold members only.
  • Gold members are special and treated with due respect.
  • Other benefits include unlimited photo viewing.

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Contact us for information on how to pay for membership.

Upon receiving the information, bank receipts and credit card online payments we shall add you to life members group or any other group and you can enjoy various membership privileges thereafter.
Please contact us for more information.

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