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Want to meet fellow single Men and Women? couples Come to our Singles Night. We will have Wine, Light Food(vegeterian friendly) & Slow Music
If you are Single you need to be at this one !! Come and party the night away with other Singles at the oasis  singles party.

>  Event Contact Number : 0722115384
>  Event Contact Email

Here are the details of the Oasis Spa

> 2016 singles Party Make your reservations early so you don't
Miss out of this special celebration.

  DOORS OPEN ON Date....>>> every  Saturday 4:00 P.M. but
party kicks off at 6pm


Members and their friends Reservations

For our Gold plus members we have VIP accommodation with
bed and breakfast together with all the other entertainment

Make your reservations now for the Oasis Singles private club
Party with a $100 Deposit before  every Wednesday of
the week. Balance of $100 due on or before every Saturday. Entry at the door for our gold,silver or Gold plus is $300. If we do not receive your deposit by Friday
We may not guarantee your attendance on the the
party day.

The Oasis cars will make rounds of down/up town hotels
every 30 minutes or so to pick you from any
place,airport,home or any of your convenient place free. For
those who wish to use their own private means,we have ample
parking and security. Email us as to where you wish to be
picked and dropped Every Saturday

or you can call on that same day to inform where you want to
be picked from.

NOTE:-This is for Nairobi Only.

For international members,those concerned would always received
email on how it will happen in their area.We highly
apologize for TZ Dar Es Sal-am members for not being able to
arrange this party for you this year from January to May. But we
will consider a grand party there  on New Years Eve
DAY  this year.You just can't afford to miss
this for anything.

Best party ever for your best Feeling in the whole world

REMEMBER like always We love you all and we care.

NO hidden  extra fee for your special and private
need,but play safe and clean we still need you in year 2017
and even up to 2030.



See below form to fill for members referred  couples and singles.


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