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Koroga Party Indian Barbecue

The Koroga set-up offers a private party with feasting activities and a common mix of varied, party amusements, popularly in Indian personalization, essentially a customization of Koroga to your likings(play the desired music, server the right food/drinks, right mix of party girls etc… makes it exciting for you to Koroga, even some spice it up a bit but don't think curry, They get slightly drunk with special bundle of alcoholic beverages to make the evening more enjoyable as you Koroga.

Like camping in private or semi-private huts each outfitted with a charcoal burning Jiko(stove)? Despite the rustic elements, diners enjoy a full bar with table service ready-to-order starters. The case of underway dishes(gratifying chicken curry being the rage) with presumption that a good curry needs time, it's leisurely cooked in Koroga and diners are known to grow tipsy while they cook or watch. Being a motley Indian party, mode “engage in” variation if it, there is anytime whoever standing-by to help out or to take over. At Oasis spa, private members-only club is specialized exclusively because apart from cooking we have variety of escort models from world-wide and from all walks of life which makes it interracial party.

From Indian celebrities, European models, Thai girls, Arabs Ha bib Lo!, mix casts or point5's, chins, black beauty or Afro ebonies to working class ladies house wives and college girl, massage therapist and aroma therapist to ensure everyone is relaxed as is our priority number one. Thus, a little peace, tranquility and harmony to gently ease away the cares of yet another day is ensured at the same time. At oasis escort spa members only club on a Friday night, there are large numbers of Asian and African dinners as well as several expats.

In the compound, they would gather, cook all kind of food from western to Indian dish and even Africa delicacy and have some of the girls or therapist’s working at the spa who among them are of Indian origin, European, Chinese and Afro ebony join to do Indian dance every Friday and a slumber party would last for up to Sunday with some sleep over for Monday.

You just don’t get to know what you are missing in this, till you visit oasis the unique spa at the lovely city in the sun where valentines is every Monday and love in the air throughout the year(only gets better February) and excellent year round.

We love you all and we care

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Andrea. An escort model from Poland welcomes you to Oasis
Andrea from Poland. A university student, escort Nairobi, massage therapist and model welcomes you to Oasis.

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