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koroga party
  • Grand Koroga Party comming soon, don't worry be happy.

  • ग्रांड पार्टी जल्द ही आ रहा हिलाओ, चिंता मत करो खुश रहो.
    Grāṇḍa pārṭī jalda hī ā rahā hilā'ō, cintā mata karō khuśa rahō.

  • ભવ્ય પાર્ટી ટૂંક સમયમાં આવી છે જગાડવો, ચિંતા ન કરશો ખુશ છે.
    Bhavya pārṭī ṭūṅka samayamāṁ āvī chē jagāḍavō, cintā na karaśō khuśa chē.

  • 搅拌盛大的派对即将到来,不用担心是快乐的。
    Jiǎobàn shèngdà de pàiduì jíjiāng dàolái, bùyòng dānxīn shì kuàilè de.

Interracial meet up singles party for V.I.P's /Expatriate/Executives and tourists.

Interracial meet up singles party for V.I.P's /Expatriate/Executives and tourists.Oasis Interracial Party down Come and join other OASIS PRIVATE CLUB Singles in a
relaxed party environment. There will be lots of fun ice-breaking activities to get everybody mingling and later Dance,massage demo & strip show.

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and a model
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